With you

Every school day we deliver 450 breads to the „Wondrad Elementary School“, 600 breads to the „Salaysich Elementary School & Kindergarten“ and 450 breads to the „Karalo Elementary School“ for free. To implement this, we work closely together with local bread producers in Addis Ababa and have contracts with the ministry of education plus the organisation „Women, Children and Youth Affairs“.

If you would like to support us in doing so, we gladly accept donations on following account:

Credit Suisse AG
8070 Zürich

IBAN: CH23 0483 5189 3473 2100 3

DDKgroup Ltd
Europastrasse 4
8152 Glattbrugg
Our bookkeeping is transparent (except donor names) and is controlled by the BMU Treuhand in Chur. There are NO administration costs!

The children thank you!
Desta Kebede & Franz Attenhofer