The company DDKgroup Ltd guarantees his partners – the small farmers in Ethiopia – not only enough to survive, but as suppliers and cooperation partners it wants to create conditions that they can develop themselves. Kebede: “It is not the fault of the workers or small farmers which have perhaps never got a book to read in Ethiopia – who knows how many Einsteins, Da Vincis and Teslas we would encounter – who have never left their village, who do not understand our system and cannot change anything about it. It is our responsibility as ‘privileged people‘, who have the power to exert this influence, to care for justice and to fulfill the basic principle of cooperation – which is based on a balanced relationship of giving and taking“.

The DDKgroup-model ‘SharingTrade’ : 20 percent of the gains which is generated in the so-called “first world“ is to directly flow back again and thus we have come full circle. We neither appreciate the raw material speculations nor do we want to refer to the UN-determination of one dollar income per day. For this reason, we want to orient ourselves towards profit, which these people facilitate us here in the “first world“.

Today we unfortunately have created the situation in which profit has become an end in itself and not a means to an end. There are higher goods than profit and our economy – the entrepreneurs have to change their way of thinking. Everything should appear to be evident. We cannot continue as before, but we have to find the way back to humanity. We want to generate a positive impact for the public welfare and society – this is a higher good than profit. It does not matter if left-wing, right-wing, communistic or capitalist, everything we need is to find back to humanity. This implies more than just a political decision. We require a loving, cordial and human economy.

Everybody knows that the backbone of economies, like Switzerland are the small and medium-sized enterprises and thus entrepreneurs. We have to start there and to become aware of our great responsibility and our role as leaders again. We should not forget that companies and society depend on each other, an isolated approach is simply wrong.

We are in regular and direct contact with the workers on the spot. The plantations are visited by us personally and in regular intervals and there is a direct exchange with the workers. The adjacent village also is to profit from the coffee culture. By means of the construction of the natural roads for the coffee cultivation and transport a settlement became possible. In addition to this, the primary school is supported and a medical centre is made available.

The philosophy and vision requires to take over responsibility for the Ethiopian people and to show them the more than deserved appreciation and respect.