Franz Attenhofer

Franz Attenhofer (born in 1944) was working 22 years at the SBG, thereof 15 years as international stock broker in Zurich, London and New York. In 1981 he built up his own company in the sector of asset management. In this function he also was the founder president of the association of Swiss Asset Managers in 1986. He lived in Flims, has fulfilled himself his hobby and long-standing desire – in his ‘retirement’ and bought the hotel “Chesa” in Flims.

He learned about Ethiopia through young friends. Attenhofer: “I am very impressed by this country. Since I have received a lot in life, I would like to give something back to the world. By means of ‘SharingTrade’ the DDKgroup Ltd wants to show the people in Ethiopia the deserved appreciation and respect“.

His basic thought: ”We want to support human beings by purchasing their unique products at fair prices and offer them for sale in Switzerland and in Europe. We began with coffee (Arabica). Plenty of other projects are planned and many ideas are existing which are going to be realized in the foreseeable future”.